About Upshiftentrepreneur Workshops

Welcome to a very special side of our business – workshops which are interactive, productive and enjoyable. We realise that many of you want to have a learning experience where you can immediately have your questions addressed and receive feedback regarding your objectives/goals and the challenges you are facing. Our workshops provide a wonderful platform for this and for you to get to know others who are on the same journey.

When you attend our workshops, you are in for a special time

A great deal of thought, time and effort goes into planning and presenting our workshops as we honour the time you spend with us and the value of the investment you are making. We have chosen to focus on providing small, exclusive workshops so that you can receive personal attention and get the most out of your time with us. For this reason we will usually not take more than 12 people, maximum 20 at a time. Now and then we will do large workshops at different venues but all those held at the Marina da Gama are the small, more intimate ones. We have chosen the Marina because it is the ideal place to let go of the usual sounds and distractions found in most office-type locations. Instead, you are in the heart of nature, in the Private Zandvlei Nature Reserve, where the birds, ducks and other forms of nature greet you and support you in doing powerful, productive and enjoyable work.

Bonus 1: With all the workshops which deal with topics covered in our Upshiftentrepreneur Business Blueprint for Success, you will be given free online-access to the relevant module for a period of 21 days upon completion of the workshop so that you can do additional work in that area, in your own time.

Bonus 2 : Where workshops are held at the Marina da Gama, you have the opportunity to take the two-seater pedalo for a cruise among the canals during your lunch-break or after the workshop ends. You are welcome to bring your own refreshments to enjoy along the way or have a sunset picnic while you enjoy this wonderful space. You can also go for wonderful walks or even bring your fishing rod!

Discount: People who subscribe to the core 12 Modules of the Business Blueprint are entitled to a discount when they purchase their seat at a workshop. Discount coupons are issued on activation of subscriptions.

Refreshments : Refreshments are provided on arrival and during mid morning and mid afternoon breaks. Where workshops last for a day, a light lunch will be provided. You are also welcome to slip out for a break and have a quick meal at one of the local eateries within a three minute walk of the venue.

Speaker : Most workshops are conducted by the author of the Blueprint, Susan Haywood. She is an authority in the areas in which she speaks and you can read more about her here

Bookings close 3 days prior to a workshop date : i.e. if a workshop is scheduled for 21 September, bookings for that workshop will close on 18 September and so on. Because space is designed so that we can work with a small group, we advise you to purchase your seat early as it may be a while before we cover the topic you are interested in again.

What to bring : Paper and pens will be supplied for your use during the workshop and you can also bring your own journal if you like (workshop recordings are not permitted). If you intend enjoying the surroundings while you are at the marina, wear appropriate attire, especially during the chillier months.

Future workshops : During the weeks and months to come, we will be creating workshops on a variety of subjects which will also cover topics not directly related to the world of business. Subjects we are working on include :

  • Identifying and reprogramming sub conscious limiting beliefs which sabotage your efforts to achieve your dreams and goals
  • How to structure your business so that if you have an accident or get sick, it can continue while you recover instead of it collapsing
  • What you need to find out about the person you are hiring & how to brief a recruitment agency properly
  • How to manage your days so that you have more time with your loved ones or to indulge in your favourite hobby
  • How to figure out your options for creating a business of your own given what you know, are passionate about and are good at
  • How to create meetings which are productive and to-the-point. Too many meetings go off track, waste unnecessary extended hours of employee time you are paying for and do not result in tangible results

Be sure to diarise to check our workshop schedule at least once a month so you don’t lose out on a workshop which would be of great value to you!

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