Wheel of Life E-Book : unique and powerful

“I’ve worked with every wheel of life on the internet. Your e-book templates and questions take it to an entirely different level which has enabled me to do profound life-changing work with my clients. This is invaluable to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you – at last I found what I have been searching for, for years. This is a product that should be in every home. Adults and teenagers will love it. And as for the 4th dimension you have incorporated, all I can say is WOW.” (J Withers, Psychologist)

Act now while on Lockdown Sale – A portion of the proceeds goes towards feeding workers in the local township who have lost their jobs.

Lockdown is the ideal time to work on aspects of our lives that we would like to change. We are powerful creators. We can create the relationships | circumstances which will give us more of what we dream of. You decide what level of importance you give to 12 key areas then compare that wheel with one showing where you are now – when you do this from the level of soul/intuition, you will get “Mind-Blowing” insights!

Establish where you are and where you want to be. The e-book is comprehensive with 144 thought-provoking questions compiled by professionals to guide you in in getting important areas of your life back into alignment with your goals and values. It is a great tool to work with as a family or with your partner. Example

1) Personal growth: What do you need to bring more of into your life? e.g. expand my knowledge on a certain subject, more me time

2) Relationship with your partner: You do not have the right or the power to change someone else. Everyone was born with the gift of freewill choice which needs to be honoured. When you change, it will naturally lead to a change in the way people respond to you. What can you change about your own attitude or behavior that will help you to cope better with your partner’s words and actions which affect you negatively?

3) Career: In what way is the company better off because you work there?

Your life is a direct result and expression of your thoughts, beliefs, habits and patterns and the actions which arise from these? This means that it is completely within your power to change anything you want to, whenever you want to!

This is what I call real freedom and it is very exciting!

Have fun, be creative and inspired as you engage in getting important areas of your life back into balance.

  • Personal Growth
  • Health
  • Relationship (Partner)
  • Relationship (Parents)
  • Relationship (Children)
  • Friends
  • Community
  • Recreation & Travel
  • Money
  • Career
  • Spirituality
  • Enlightenment

This is a mind-blowing feature – once you have decided how you want to balance your wheel, you invite your intuitive spiritual side to balance your wheel for you! It is easy because you do a quick meditation then just pick the numbers without looking at them first – you will be blown away because you’ll see how the higher aspects of who you are allocate priorities and balance in your life. For example, you may have rated the importance of friendships as a low priority e.g. 3 out of 12 but when you select a number without seeing it, you may pick up a 6 which is an indication that at this point in your life, it would be far healthier for you to spend more time nurturing friends than you thought that you needed to. Your may think your health is fine and it is only a level 6 priority but your soul may have news for you and allocate a rating of 11 which means you need to seriously investigate what might be going on in this area. Your intuition will either re-affirm balance allocations made on the 3D mental level or point you to a different allocation which will be better for you right now. You still get to decide how which part of yourself you want to listen to! Your priorities and therefore your wheels will change as your life circumstance change so its worth doing the exercises at least once a year – and this is a valuable project and also great fun to do with your loved ones!

Custom-designed templates

144 thought-provoking questions to guide you in achieving wholeness, joy and fulfillment.

The questions serve as powerful self-coaching questions which will help you to discover deep inner wisdom and insights.

We also share some “thoughts” on what the role of “thinking” plays in why your life is as it is right now.

It is an honour and our privilege to support you in your journey in this lifetime!

You have been guided to the Wheel of Life so it is ready to begin enriching your life right now.