About The Founder of Ad-Impact Management

“Susan had the keys to the doors of shareholders and directors of businesses operating in all sectors represented on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. She was given privileged information regarding business strategies and results, taken on factory tours and given insights into worlds others only dream of.”

The business was founded by Susan Haywood in 1995. She was born with a passion to understand and experience as much as she could in a lifetime, about the exciting world around her. She always knew she would run her own businesses and started preparing from an early age.

While still at school, she worked in different departments in well-known retail outfits to learn about retail trading and dealing with customers hands-on. She assisted the owner of a multi-faceted personnel agency in refining job descriptions, interviewing and placing personnel during university vacations. While she read for her degree in Journalism and Honours in Psychology, she was the editor of the University student newsletter and assisted Professors with work they were doing for their Doctorates.

Armed with two degrees and lots of enthusiasm, she was hired as the manager of a branch of a clothing retail chain to get the store back into profitability. Within two months she had reduced stock theft from an average of 40 units a month down to two and then zero. Systems and procedures were streamlined. A first in the history of the clothing chain, she was given permission to organise a fashion show where she trained community residents in basic modeling skills so they were equipped to model the latest clothing range. Profits soared and with her goal elegantly achieved, she returned to her home city to work in the male-dominated world of hi-tech speciality products including non-destructive test equipment, biomedical equipment and 50 other highly technical international products.  Managing marketing, advertising, publicity campaigns, events and product launches across a variety of platforms for a JSE-listed company, proved the ideal launch pad to go on to be the editor of a publication which reported the financial results and performance of companies listed on the stock market.

She left to create a business reporting financial results on Beltel with stockbroker commentary and this was later absorbed by a bigger business dealing with the investment world.

It was then that she decided she would create an advertising agency which would handle start-up and established business requirements i.e. from coming up with a name, logo and corporate identity to producing newsletters, advertising campaigns, outdoor signage, press releases, publicity campaigns and product launches. The cherry on the top was when her agency was awarded the privilege and responsibility of producing the Annual Reports for many of the companies she had spent time with during earlier years!

Susan relocated to the Cape and decided to start something new again, and this time, it was to be a chocolate factory! After a period sourcing products from different locations across the globe, Susan returned to establish a business which would gain a reputation for producing top quality products in a unique and novel way. A range was created to promote tourism within South Africa, for the hospitality industry to use as turndown treats, for businesses to promote themselves and for the celebration of birthdays and events. A substantial contract was awarded to her business, Chocolate Time, to produce multiple products for the government within a three-week deadline. Over and above an already full production capacity, the deadline was not only met but beaten by prior delivery a few days early. The factory even supplied chocolates for Air Botswana! The company went on to be featured on television and the business was sold seven years later.

Rich with a life-time of experience, Susan turned her focus to helping people to overcome problems they were experiencing in their businesses and personal lives. She obtained an internationally recognized masters qualification as an “inner life skills” life and business coach. She works on a one-to-one basis or with groups to assist people in achieving their goals and reaching their highest potential. This involves anything from overcoming lack of confidence and self-esteem; to managing conflict and anger issues; to dealing with a life-changing illness or death; to birthing a new business; and to dealing with issues which arise every day or during times of growth or change. Susan has also conducted workshops teaching staff and academics to master the art of mentoring at the University of Cape Town. She recently stepped down as an executive committee member of a Homeowner’s Association and editor of a community based newsletter, due to business commitments.

UpShiftEntrepreneur has been created for you so that if you are starting a new business or growing an existing business, you have a solid blueprint so that you can create the type of foundation and growth which will provide the best support for what you wish to achieve with your business.

The UpShiftEntrepreneur Business Blueprint is for everyone. Most owners with existing businesses, while they have their own qualifications, skills and “on-the-job” training, still do not yet have the thorough overall knowledge and information which will help to take the business to the next higher level of success. Even a seemingly small weakness or under achievement in one area, can make a huge difference to profitability levels. Even if you have hired “experts” how will you know they are achieving optimal results if they are operating in a field you yourself know little about? The more owners and managers can empower themselves and their teams with the knowledge and skills which support them in achieving their best, the better it is for the business and for the individuals concerned.

“I am sharing priceless skills and experience with you so that you can fly faster and further than you would without the training and information you have access to here. Nothing like this programme was available when I first started out, so I had to learn “on-the-job. This body of work has been created for you so that you can shift your efforts into a higher gear, hence the name “UpShiftEntrepreneur – Business Blueprint for Success.” – Susan Haywood

If you are involved in the world of business in any way, this product is for you – whether you are a startup or have been around for years.

The entire programme has been created in a way that also teaches you to master self-coaching and this is something executives and staff really benefit from! The process is empowering and teaches you to tap into a wealth of inner wisdom and resources.

“When you have great vision, great things are possible.”

Great vision involves being crystal clear about what it really is that you are wanting to achieve and why this is important to you. It is about going to that place where everything has been done and you are at your destination. It is about imagining yourself in that future time and looking around and seeing what has been created and using all 5 senses to “experience that dream made real”. Then it is about putting all the people, processes and systems in place that are going to get you there, step by step.

A vital part of the process involves asking questions, but not just any questions – good questions – the ones which will lead to the answers which are best aligned with where you are heading. You will be creating action plans, appropriating accountability and responsibilities within designated time-frames. And of course, there will be the challenges, the obstacles and the arrival of the unexpected, the “unforeseen”, that which has not been envisioned! How best can you prepare physically, emotionally and mentally for such times? How can you train yourself to face and manage any situation which arises, so that you remain the master of your own destiny and do not become over-whelmed?

By the end of the programme, you will have had hundreds of opportunities to examine vital details about your business. Instead of giving you loads of content to read, we have turned most of the learning into questions so that you regain more and more of your own power and freedom of choice.

For example, I have often been talking face-to-face with a supplier who jumped to answer his cell phone the minute it rang, thereby dropping our conversation and engaging in another. Most often, the supplier did not ask whether I minded if he took the call. Not only were these interruptions which threw us both off track, but the supplier’s new conversation often lasted for a totally disrespectful length of time as well! This has probably happened to you too. How do you feel when it does and how can you ensure you do not do this with your own customers?

In our UpShiftEntrepreneur Business Blueprint, instead of us saying that “It is wise to give customers your full, undivided attention,” we take it a step further and instead say “How can you give customers your full, undivided attention?”

Not only are you reminded that customers need your full, undivided attention, you also are given the opportunity to choose how you will do this! In this way we help you to stretch yourself and come up with answers that are appropriate for you.

Having your own business or being in a senior managerial position is a privilege that comes with many challenges and responsibilities. You are also faced with numerous opportunities to explore your own creative potential and achieve levels of success and fulfillment you may otherwise only dream of. As the world of business consumes so many of your waking hours, it is important that you also find ways to have fun. A healthy balance between your business and personal life is paramount at all times. Our free Wheel of Alignment will help you to determine your goals and create actions plans which are in alignment with achieving them.

“A blue-print in every business : an entrepreneur’s go-to-guide for company success”. The UpshiftEntrepreneur Business Blueprint is for every entrepreneur, whether self-employed or working for a company – where people of any age, qualification or background are inspired and equipped to create and excel in the projects and work they choose to do.

We were born powerful creators. Every thought is a creative process. Thoughts, when energised (e-motion=energy in motion) become things. Our mission is to remind you that it is possible to achieve your dreams and that the universe is lovingly, Divinely designed to support you to achieve your highest personal and business aspirations. We support you by reminding you who you are (a powerful, creative Being) and by creating authentic products containing valuable teachings and tools to stimulate your thinking and equip you in practice. We support you in adding impact to your goals and in effectively and efficiently managing what you are creating so that you can have the lifestyle you desire!

At UpshiftEntrepreneur we take pride in consistently striving for the highest outcomes which not only benefit our employees but serve the best interests of our entire team, partners, agents, customers, suppliers and everyone we come into contact with. This means that we take authenticity, credibility and sincerity seriously. You can place your trust in our company, knowing that we will always deal with you honestly and ethically. The invasion of personal privacy and disrespectful conduct are not tolerated. Employees do their utmost to disengage from the victim/victimizer name, blame and shame game and instead stand accountable for their actions and are solution not problem driven. We have a proud history of providing top quality products and services – and we deliver with a smile.

“Undoubtedly the most comprehensive source of information, guidelines and “how to do it” ideas available to entrepreneurs and smaller businesses in South Africa. Great value and a “must have” for business.” – Professor Andy Andrews (current Professor at Henley Management College in the UK and a professor at IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. Dean of Wits University during the 1980s.

”As a consultant and a business person, passionate about entrepreneurship, I have used, read and consulted many volumes on entrepreneurship, but this tops my list. With the Upshiftentreprepeur Business Blueprint for Success, Susan has not only walked the walk, but has gone under the skin of the entrepreneur to reach the soul of the person, understand their needs and desires, and also realises the dreams and potential of the entrepreneur! WOW!” – Arifa Parkar (CEO-WECBOF & Director of Aasha Investment Solutions)

“Susan Haywood has produced a veritable encyclopaedia of immense value to entrepreneurs” – Sid Peimer, Executive Director, Cape Chamber of Commerce

“This is what every entrepreneur needs to have in the office. The content is priceless.” – Dennis Haywood, retired CEO and MD of 12 corporations (De Beers Group of companies.)

“Susan asked me to look through this quite remarkable encyclopaedia. To my surprise it turned out to be unique in its coverage. It is, literally, everything you ever wanted to know about starting a business or making an existing one better. What is equally astonishing is that this vast body of information is interspersed with a self-coaching dimension. The two together constitute a powerful and exciting way for many in the world of entrepreneurship.” – Robin Carlisle (recently retired Minister of Transport & Public Works for the Western Cape and previously National Marketing Executive for the Edgars Group, inter alia)

“You have done it again. This is brilliant. This Blueprint has everything a business needs to grow and flourish. You have covered all areas.” – Martin, Teacher, Bishops High School

“Upshiftentrepreneur is a comprehensive tool that gives business guidance and task directions from first hand experiences. It is a great tool for new entrepreneurs who want a step by step guide on how to perform many business related tasks. It is also convenient to have all the latest applicable legislation referenced in the related sections of the document.” – Mark Schreiber (MBA, BSc Geomatics, PrLSA, PrHSA), Independent Consultant

Member of :

  • Business Women’s Association of South Africa
  • Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • NSBC