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Online training material for self-study or project onto a screen for group training.

The Upshiftentrepreneur Business Blueprint For Success contains fundamental, timeless information and pearls of wisdom. It is the “GO TO” resource which contains much of what you need to start or GROW a business.

The content has been prepared from the perspective of a coach, so it is written in a way which guides you, stretches you, encourages you and supports you. The information, exercises, photographs and quotes have all been carefully selected to help you to draw deeply from your own inner well of wisdom and to regain the mastery, power and freedom which are inherently yours.

This is a unique, innovative and fresh approach to addressing the need for entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs to achieve more of their potential on personal and business levels. It is structured to nourish and develop the inherent entrepreneurial talents which many naturally have.

The online training, information and the resources you need to grow your business to the next level of success are here for you in an up-to-date single, easy-to-use set of 12 modules produced by people who have the right combination of academic, practical and coaching experience.

UpShiftentrepreneur Business Training Blueprint for Success

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

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We share with you what we have learnt and experienced over many, many years of exposure to different business worlds. The testimonials pay tribute to this.


Entire content available 24 hours a day – practical training and exercises, up-to-date yet timeless wisdom, chat forums, support centre and advertising opportunities.


Created by experienced professionals for entrepreneurs & intrepreneurs who are serious about achieving higher levels of profitability & career satisfaction.

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Project to a screen or log everyone in – ready made training content and exercises.

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“Why You Should Encourage Your Employees to think and work like Entrepreneurs”

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Course participants need to apply what you teach them. The Blueprint reinforces and adds to what you have taught and gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and apply training directly to their current business circumstance and needs.

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When you coach or mentor people in their business capacity, you need to have an overall knowledge of certain key areas and it is also helpful to have a basket of ready-made coaching questions around these topics. This is where the Blueprint is a great asset.

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Business Training

Project training material onto a screen in-house or hop onto zoom

The Blueprint pays for itself over … and over … and over again. It is such a good investment.

More than 258 powerful resource sections spread across 12 modules. If your business is not as profitable as it could be, this will help you to get there and have fun doing so.

Research proves that entrepreneurs who invest in Business training training, have enormous returns and their businesses reach higher levels of success, faster!

If you diligently work through the contents within the 6-month subscription period, you will have equipped yourself to achieve far more of your personal and business potential. An opportunity like this is priceless and success in even just one area, will more than pay for the course.

The best thing is that there are no exams and you can go to any section you like at any time

You get :

  • Unlimited access – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Use of our Chat Forum – meet, engage with and be supported by fellow Upshift Entrepreneurs!

  • Up-dates

  • Discount on workshop fees

  • Discount on life skills and business coaching

  • Opportunity to advertise your products and services in our Online Directory

Credibility : Content has been created by a highly trained and experienced entrepreneur in collaboration with experts. Read more about the founder who has created many different businesses in a variety of completely diverse fields in the header link to “About Us … and take a look at the Testimonials we have received from top achievers in the world of business training.

No Risk : Take advantage of our free 14-day trial period (no credit card details required).

Upshiftentrepreneur Business Blueprint – Core Set of 12 Modules
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Module: Business Plan
Whether your business is still an idea or been established for years, your business plan is your road map guiding you towards achieving your goals for your business. Every business training needs one and to up-date it regularly as technology and consumer trends change.

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Budgets: Income/Expense Tutorial And Templates
Create a budget for your income and fixed plus variable expenses, month by month, for the year ahead. Each month fill in your actual spend so you can see your financial/asset situation at a glance and manage it with ease.

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Module: South Africa – Important Business Training Regulations & Links To Government Websites
This is a valuable resource for those conducting business in South Africa and most useful for consulates and visiting delegations as well. Save hours in doing your own research!

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Wheel Of Life E-Book
To quote a psychologist who does not wish to be named “I have spent years going through every Wheel of Life I could find on the internet. My search stopped when I started using yours. It has helped me to achieve remarkable results with my clients – a million thank yous.”

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“Undoubtedly the most comprehensive source of information, guidelines and “how to do it” ideas available to entrepreneurs and smaller businesses in South Africa. Great value and a “must have” for business.”

Professor Andy Andrews, Professor at Henley Management College in the UK and a professor at IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. Dean of Wits University during the 1980s.

“Susan Haywood has produced a veritable encyclopaedia of immense value to entrepreneurs”

Sid Peimer, Executive Director, Cape Chamber of Commerce

”As a consultant and a business person, passionate about entrepreneurship, I have used, read and consulted many volumes on entrepreneurship, but this tops my list. With the Upshiftentreprepeur Business Blueprint for Success, Susan has not only walked the walk, but has gone under the skin of the entrepreneur to reach the soul of the person, understand their needs and desires, and also realises the dreams and potential of the entrepreneur! WOW!”

Arifa Parkar , CEO-WECBOF & Director of Aasha Investment Solutions

“Susan asked me to look through this quite remarkable encyclopaedia. To my surprise it turned out to be unique in its coverage. It is, literally, everything you ever wanted to know about starting a business or making an existing one better. What is equally astonishing is that this vast body of information is interspersed with a self-coaching dimension. The two together constitute a powerful and exciting way for many in the world of entrepreneurship.”

Robin Carlisle , (Recently retired Minister of Transport & Public Works for the Western Cape and previously National Marketing Executive for the Edgars Group, inter alia)

“Facing retirement was a battle for me as, having been in business for nearly 50 years, I felt I was defined by work and that without it I would be nothing. Sue’s patient guidance made me realise that I was still the same person with the same personality and that I could easily reinvent myself. She was so right! Having shown me the things I really loved doing, guiding me towards achieving new goals using the skills I had and restoring my self-confidence, my life is as full if not fuller than it was before and I realise that i am a person in my own right. I am forever indebted to Sue in showing me a new path and I have lost none of my enthusiasm for this next chapter of my life.”

Beryl Eichenberger, (Freelance Public Relations Consultant)

“You have done it again. This is brilliant. This Blueprint has everything a business needs to grow and flourish. You have covered all areas.”

Martin, Retired Teacher, Bishops High School

“This is what every entrepreneur needs to have in the office. The content is priceless.”

Dennis, Retired CEO and MD of various corporations over the years

“Upshiftentrepreneur is a comprehensive tool that gives business guidance and task directions from first hand experiences. It is a great tool for new entrepreneurs who want a step by step guide on how to perform many business related tasks. It is also convenient to have all the latest applicable legislation referenced in the related sections of the document.”

Mark Schreiber (MBA, BSc Geomatics, PrLSA, PrHSA), Independent Consultant

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