Testimonials About The Upshiftentrepreneur Business Blueprint Modules

“Undoubtedly the most comprehensive source of information, guidelines and “how to do it” ideas available to entrepreneurs and smaller businesses in South Africa. Great value and a “must have” for business.”

Professor Andy Andrews, Professor at Henley Management College in the UK and a professor at IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. Dean of Wits University during the 1980s

”As a consultant and a business person, passionate about entrepreneurship, I have used, read and consulted many volumes on entrepreneurship, but this tops my list. With the Upshiftentreprepeur Business Blueprint for Success, Susan has not only walked the walk, but has gone under the skin of the entrepreneur to reach the soul of the person, understand their needs and desires, and also realises the dreams and potential of the entrepreneur! WOW!”

Arifa Parkar, CEO-WECBOF & Director of Aasha Investment Solutions

“Upshiftentrepreneur is a comprehensive tool that gives business guidance and task directions from first hand experiences. It is a great tool for new entrepreneurs who want a step by step guide on how to perform many business related tasks. It is also convenient to have all the latest applicable legislation referenced in the related sections of the document.”

Mark Schreiber, Independent Consultant (MBA, BSc Geomatics, PrLSA, PrHSA)

“Susan Haywood has produced a veritable encyclopaedia of immense value to entrepreneurs”

Sid Peimer, Executive Director, Cape Chamber of Commerce

“Susan asked me to look through this quite remarkable encyclopaedia. To my surprise it turned out to be unique in its coverage. It is, literally, everything you ever wanted to know about starting a business or making an existing one better. What is equally astonishing is that this vast body of information is interspersed with a self-coaching dimension. The two together constitute a powerful and exciting way for many in the world of entrepreneurship.”

Robin Carlisle, Retired Minister of Transport & Public Works for the Western Cape and previously National Marketing Executive for the Edgars Group, inter alia

Example Of Feedback From Workshop Participants

Our full day Money Mastery workshop was limited to four people so that we could do really in-depth work. A big thank you to all of you for being so willing to completely open up about this sensitive topic, which enabled us to really peel away the layers and get to core limiting beliefs around money, held deep with the subconscious mind. Thank you for the wonderful things you wrote about your workshop experience and may you truly enjoy more financially abundant lives!

“The workshop was excellent. What I most appreciated was how Susan took time to discover each of our needs so she could tailor the day to meet our specific needs. I learnt how to identify my attitudes towards money and their source. I can’t think of anything that could be improved – the meal was lovely and Susan paid great attention to our comfort.”

Estelle Gaylard, Editor

“The programme was well paced withing the allotted time.  Susan is a good communicator, was knowledgeable on the topics and met the workshop objectives. Group interaction was good. I learnt how much money is really just an exchange/bartaring mechanism. When I dug deep and explored what might be holding me back from true wealth, a childhood image of people driving around in limousines and flashing their wealth came to mind and I realised that I adopted the belief at an early age that I never wanted to be rich and be like them.  Susan helped me to see how having lots of money can be used for really great humanitarian purposes and this was the first step in reprogramming my subconscious mind to create the space for more abudance to flow into my life.  The workshop has given me financial confidence for the long-term, in my personal and business capacity. The workshop was very good.”

Ian Brown, Business Coach

“The most profound things I learn’t were that it is each individual’s responsibility to manage personal finances and that we can indeed do this! I also discovered that I had been using money to “buy love”. The workshop was fast paced, the food was high quality and I enjoyed interacting with fellow participants. The workshop environment and facilities were more than adequate and extremely comfortable. Susan spoke with the authority that comes from being knowledgeable on matters involving finance and kept the session alive and entertaining. She was most helpful in responding to queries.”

Beneta Bester, Senior Nurse

“What I most appreciated about the Money Mastery workshop was the venue, the hostess and her personality.” The workshop was very good. I learnt to be better with money. The programme was well paced within the allotted time. Susan was a good communicator and knowledgeable on the topics. She kept the session alive and interesting.”

Susan Magner, Real Estate Agent