Workshop Request – Please Tell Us What Workshop Subjects You would Be Interested In Attending And What Your Budget Is

    Please kindly describe the kind of workshops you would like us to create for you that you would want to attend and what you would like to get from them e.g. 1) I would like to attend a workshop about having a more fulfilling relationship with my partner and to learn how to communicate better. 2) I have just been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness so please help me to cope with this news and make the most of my last days 3) I am facing tough decisions /big changes in my life and could do with some guidance on the best way forward.

    If we created workshops around the topics below, which ones might you like to attend?

    Thoughts, orientations and behaviours of self mastery and living an authentic lifeWhy 5g is so dangerous and what to do about the harmful side effects of cell phones and microwave ovensIdentifying and reprogramming sub conscious limiting beliefs which sabotage your efforts to achieve your dreams and goalsHow to tune into different energy levels and align with higher frequencies for a more empowering, joy-filled and calmer lifeUnderstanding the Victim-Victimizer blame and shame game (which is rampant daily!) and how to disengage from itHow to make the best decision given the constraints / options available to youHow to manage your days so that you have more time with your loved ones or to indulge in your favourite hobbyHow to figure out your options for creating a business of your own given what you know, are passionate about and are good atFine-tuning your vision (the big picture) and mission for your new company or the new product/service you are launchingHow to create your business planEverything you need to work through to get the right location for your business (including essential work-from-home considerations)Making sure that your organizational structure and where you have placed your staff are the right fit for the person and your companyWhat you need to find out about the person you are hiring & how to brief a recruitment agency properlyHow to maximize your team's performanceUnderstanding market research, creating your customer profile and creating your survey questionnaireEmail etiquette : dos and don'ts as well as writing briefly and to-the-pointHow to write professional press releases and choose the media you send them toHow to prepare for a successful event or product launch from the planning stage through to follow-upHow to build authenticity and credibility to increase leads and boost salesHow to structure your business so that if you have an accident or get sick, it can continue while you recover instead of it collapsing

    Please indicate ALL the days and times you could make yourself available to come to a workshop which interests you. This will help us to schedule workshops during times when most people can attend.







    What are the price ranges you would be prepared to pay for a morning, afternoon or evening workshop (3-4 hours of great content)?


    What are the price ranges you would be prepared to pay for a full day workshop?


    What are the price ranges you would be prepared to pay for a weekend workshop (2 days)?


    Thank you so much for your feedback. Should we get sufficient people together who are interested in the same subject, we will schedule the relevant workshop and notify you so that you may have the opportunity of joining us.

    If you get 6 or more people together, we will certainly consider creating one for your group on the subject of your choice AND of course, you have the option of having our professional life or business coaching sessions whenever your require them.

    Thank you for your response. We will notify you should we schedule a workshop about the subject matter which interests you. We will also notify you of others as they pop up. Do visit our website now and then so you can see which workshops are being run.

    We wish you a joy-filled day.