Start-Ups And Business Incubator Organizations

Just some of the many, many benefits you get by using the Blueprint as a resource for your in-house training

  • You may use the entire Blueprint contents or any module to complement the resource material you are using
  • One of the greatest values is that you can offer it to those who have already been on your courses so they have a resource which provides them with guidance and support as they grow their businesses
  • If you have workshops for those who you have trained, this may be fresh material for you to introduce them to when they come back

This is material you can work with every day and for the 365 days of your annual license. You can revisit content as many times as you like.

The modules of the Upshiftentrepreneur Business Blueprint are ready-made training tools which leaders use to train their staff and develop intrepreneurial talents!

1. The team leader simply logs everyone in, goes to the sections they want to focus on, and works through the content and exercises. As the exercises are in word and pdf form, once completed they can be emailed to the supervisor or groups can gather to brain-storm the answers together!

2. It is also a simple matter for a trainer to project the content from the computer onto a screen and conduct group training right away!

The entire orientation is different to the bulk of the material and training available because it is designed to get people to realise that they are powerful creators and achievers, to stand on their own two feet and start walking confidently towards clearly defined goals and dreams! Training happens in their applying the information and doing the practical exercises. People work through the content not to satisfy the requirements of an exam, but to bring out more of their own great potential!

The content and structure is designed to bring out and develop “the entrepreneurial” side of a person.The overall theme is self-coaching and self-training based, and encourages people to think for themselves, think out of the box and come up with meaningful goals, action plans and solutions to problems which might arise. People are encouraged to be self-empowered, self-disciplined and internally motivated and inspired. We look at limiting beliefs (and how to identify them), personality/character traits which one can rely on, as well as how to conduct market research, understand financial statements and a whole lot more.

We found this interesting article which may be a worthwhile read and provide you with a few ideas for your own programme.

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