This is a platform for the UpShift Entrepreneur community to advertise business products and services on our website.

The opportunity to advertise in the Directory is only available to those who have purchased the UpshiftEntrepreneur Business Blueprint for Success. Your advertisement is accessible to all visitors to the website so that you can maximise your opportunity to do business from our platform.

One listing each month for a year @R449,10 per listing : R5389,20+ R754,488 VAT = R6143,7

You may purchase up to 24 listings in our Directory, running simultaneously

* Listings can change or be repeated each month.
** Listing content is to be emailed to
*** Listings will be uploaded within 7 calendar days of receipt of listing information
*** Changes to listings will reflect on our website within 72 hours of confirmation that we have received your updated listing information. Listing content will not be changed unless we receive written instruction to do so. Emails will only be confirmed as received on our end if you get a reply from us.