MODULE 12 How To Create An On-Going Strategy, Succession Plans, Savings Plan And Great Guidelines


  • How to create an on-going strategy plan
  • How to negotiate a good contract with suppliers
  • How to identify the right resellers and distributors
  • How will you create and sustain win : win relationships?
  • Great online tools for your business (includes links)
  • Preparing for the unexpected, retirement and succession
  • – Disability
  • – Safeguarding against having “all your eggs in one basket”
  • – Pensions
  • – Provident fund
  • – Retirement annuities
  • – Savings plan
  • – Preparing to sell your business
  • Useful information and great guidelines
  • – How to make the “right” decisions
  • – Why it is prudent to be cautious when getting advice
  • – How to effectively deal with problems
  • – Effective time management
  • – Meditation and relaxation
  • – Maintaining equilibrium and balance
  • – Staying ahead of the game
  • This important module covers the bigger context wthin which your business operates, areas which if neglected, will have a negative impact on performance and results – and vice versa!

  • If yours is a start-up, it pulls everything together that you have learnt and put into practice so that you can create a solid Business Plan.

  • It is vital that you have an on-going strategy plan that is flexible enough and forward-thinking enough to allow you to maximise opportunities and benefits from changes which may take place within your own organisation as well as your immediate and global trading environment.

  • The “Upshiftentrepreneur Wheel Of Life” is a great companion of this model.

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