MODULE 10 How To Create Sizzling Sales Teams


  • Introduction
  • Fundamental considerations for the sales department
  • How to be authentic and credible
  • Customer relationship management
  • Joint ventures
  • Creating your “Elevator Pitch”
  • Expanding your database
  • The importance of networking and how to go about it
  • Mastering “Cold-Calling”
  • Overcoming objections and obstacles to closing a sale
  • What to do immediately after a customer has bought your product/service
  • How to keep your customers
  • How talkers help you
  • Customer communication tips
  • Be clever – work with others whose business compliments yours – save costs and increase your exposure (they have databases too!)

  • What about the staff who answer calls and turn customers away before they reach the sales department?

  • If your body language is not congruent with what you are saying, customers get mixed messages – how can you ensure everyone on your team communicates effectively?

  • Without sales, you do not have a business. Without profits, you will not sustain it or grow it. Even if you are the “sales team” everything you can learn and apply in the important area is invaluable and will help you to achieve the success you dream of.

  • How much extra money will you make with that single extra customer today – and over time!!!

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