How To Create More Money & Abundance & How To Rest Your Financial Barometer


  1. Introduction
  2. We are the money-makers
  3. We trade money for our energy and input
  4. Powerful money mug exercise
  5. How to recognise your sub-conscious money story that is holding you back
  6. Resetting a financial barometer
  7. A brief history of money
  8. How long can current financial systems be sustained?
  9. How to eliminate money as a barrier to doing business
  10. Module 1 completion form
Sample 1
Sample 2
  • Understand why the “Law of Attraction” is not working too well!

  • Put money into its rightful perspective and place in your life.

  • Understand why your income stays within a certain range and learn how to increase it.

  • Learn to start sharing and exchanging your skills and talents without putting money inbetween.

  • Free yourself from judging people and yourself by how much money one does or does not have;  and get to know who a person really is beyond the money story.

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