How To Create Successful Publicity Campaigns & Communicate Effectively


  1. Introduction
  2. Platforms you can use to reach your target market
  3. Branding tips
  4. Apps
  5. Email Etiquette : guidelines for creating good emails
  6. How to write professional press releases
  7. Printing – what is helpful to know
  8. Factors to take into account for a successful product launch
    • Plan a product launch
    • Create your theme and invitation
  9. Social media
  10. Learn and apply these teachings to build a successful website
  11. How your Call-To-Action can be used to attract higher response rates
    • Create your own calls-to-acton
  12. Introduction to active view metrics
  13. How to optimize the money you spend on social media platforms
    • A/B testing explained
    • Multivariate testing explained
    • How to conduct cross-browser and cross-device tests
    • How to increase page load time
    • Important things you should know about keywords
    • How to switch off google personalization
  14. How to create the keyword phrases that lead people to your website
    • Pay-Per-Click advertising
    • How to make wordpress sidebar widgets “sticky” & float with webpages
  15. Time to test how effective your website is
  16. Explanation of some common internet terms
  17. Your message to your niche markets
    • What message are you going to put on what platform?
  18. What incentive are you willing to offer (to drive sales)?
  19. Module 9 completion form
Sample 1
Sample 2
  • There are dozens of ways to reach people – but which have the most impact and will be the most cost-effective for your business?

  • If your website does not work for you, you are wasting huge opportunities for increasing sales and levels of customer service.

  • How about your message – are you using the right message on the right platform?

  • What if you are loosing customers because of errors in email communication?

  • What small incentives could you offer that could turn a “maybe” to “yes, and I want it now?”

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