How To Get The Best Out Of Your Leaders And Teams


  1. Who are the Wishbones, the Jawbones, the Knucklebones, the Lazybones, the Busybones and the Backbones in your business?
    • How can they be transformed into Backbones?
  2. Characteristics of poorly performing, average and winning teams.
  3. Team leaders – how to maximize team performance
    • Powerful questions out of key learning points to stretch you and your team
  4. Module 7 completion form
  • Simple changes could save you thousands! This module will help you to identify those who take iniative or pass the buck and how to get the most out of your greatest asset – your staff!

  • It will help you to indentify poor performers and bring them up to par.

  • It will also help you to recognise and reward top achievers.

  • Even if you only have one person performing a certain type of duty or even just 2 people in the business, you still need to work as a team to achieve business objectives.

  • This module will help you to get to know individual players individually and how they function as a team.

  • You will learn to identify strengths and weaknesses and to maximize skills and opportunities.

  • The questions help you to address vital issues in practical solution-driven ways.

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