MODULE 6 Organizational Structure & Staff Optimization – Essential Considerations (Invaluable For Every Business)


  • Positions and key responsibilities
  • Organizational chart
  • Taking a fresh look at your existing staff and their positions
  • Employer and employee responsibilities and obligations
  • Important considerations concerning payroll
  • Why you need to issue an employee with a letter of employment
  • Identifying staff training requirements (hard skills and soft skills)
  • How to master the recruitment process
  • Workplace hazards – 23 considerations regarding the risk of a fire breaking out
  • How to prepare for medical emergencies
  • See Module: South Africa Laws And Regulations for quick links to labour rules and regulations
  • Without people, there is no business. Your staff are your most important asset and they are also going to help to make or break your business so the more you can equip yourself on the subject, the better.

  • People grow and change, get to face different personal challenges, and also become tired or bored. When last did you take a good look at every single position and person occupying that position, to see if a person was still the best fit for a particular job?

  • When last did check that everything that needs to be done on an on-going basis, has been allocated and allocated to the person best qualified to handle it?

  • World-wide, regulations governing the treatment of staff and handling of staff issues and disputes, carry serious repercussions and penalties for those who do not comply. The Module South Africa: Laws And Regulations will help you with this.

  • You will also be guided to address hard and soft skill requirements and be able to put plans in action to identify what type of training needs to be given and for which staff.

  • One cannot hold an employee accountable for something which has not been defined and agreed to. It is highly recommended that you take this opportunity here to review every employment contract and make the appropriate changes to contracts, systems, procedures and measures of accountability that will best serve the objects of the business and the people involved.

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