Company Registration, IP Protection, Legal Structure Of Your Business, B-BBEE Compliance & Tendering


  1. Guidelines – what to take into account when you name your business as well as your product / service / process
    • Name your company and make notes about how the name meets the guideline criteria
    • Name your product/service/process and make notes about how the name meets the guideline criteria
  2. Guidelines – creating a logo
    • A note on choosing colours
    • Sketch your logo and make notes about how it meets the guideline criteria
  3. What you need to know about company name reservation and company registration
  4. Understanding Intellectual Property (IP) and why it is important to protect it
    • Licencing
    • Copyright
    • What constitutes copyright infringement?
    • Trademark protection
    • Patents
  5. Protection of Personal Information Act No. 4 of 2013 (POPI Act) – and its impact on your business
  6. Understanding the three main types of business
  7. Determine the legal structure of your business – what type of company are you forming?
    • Non-profit companies (NPCs)
    • Co-operatives (Co-Ops)
    • Sole Proprietor (Inc)
    • Personal Liability Company (Incorporate – Inc.)
    • Private Company (Pty)
    • Public Company
    • Foreign/External Company
    • Business licences and permits
  8. What to take into consideration when you buy an existing business
    • How to determine the purchase price
    • What you need to be aware of when you buy a franchise
  9. Regulatory check-list for SMEs, B-BBEE Compliance & Tendering
  10. Module 4 completion form
Sample 1
Sample 2
  • Here you get to understand why it is so important that you choose the correct name for your business and the different product / services you offer. Yes – a name can make or break a business – and image, expectation and delivery go hand-in-hand!

  • You will learn how to create an image across all platforms that is consistent with the nature of your business and it starts with your logo being congruent with the name.

  • You are creating valuable intellectual property so you need to find out how you can protect it.

  • The type of company you create now may not seem important but it will be as you grow and diversify. This is why having a crystal clear goal, vision and mission will guide you on the best business structure to put in place early on. Changes down the line could prove very costly in many areas.

  • Your business needs to comply with rules and regulations governing business activity as stipulated by the country in which you trade. This module helps you to operate within the confines of existing legislation.

  • This module will also guide you in establishing a viable purchase price for acquiring an existing business or franchise outlet.

  • Whether you need to publish tenders or respond to tenders, learn the basics of good tendering not only to win tenders, but also to ensure sound contracts that you can fulfil without running into disputes, cost overruns or delays.

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