MODULE 3 Creating And/Or Reviewing An Existing Vision, Mission And Corporate Identity Policy


  • Introduction
  • Unpacking the purpose and benefits, potential and pitfalls of your new business, product or service
  • Creation and/or revision of your Vision and Mission Statements
  • Creation and/or revision of your Corporate Identity Policy
  • You want a successful business but what is your definition of what success looks like and means for you? This module will help you to imagine the end result in fine detail so that you have a clear vision of your goal. The clearer your vision, the more likely you are make it a reality.

  • Now that you know exactly where you are going (and why), you can identify the steps (actions) you need to take to get there.

  • Your vision and mission may change as different opportunities present themselves but they serve as guiding frameworks which everything your business does, should take into account.

  • Your company policy is the “personality of your business” and it goes hand-in-hand with your vision and mission.

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